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Finity Mirror​



online & Brussels (BE)

A tree next to the Abbaye de la Cambre in Brussels is supported by metal cables. It seems as if the tree is restrained and thus prevented from assuming its natural form. We see a witness to a constrained nature and a world of inverse logic. Instead of building cities and civilization in nature, we have come to the point of almost claustrophobically encasing small islands of nature in the concrete landscape.

Plantations are created for recreational and decorative purposes, the presence of trees as a natural air conditioning system in cities is touted in the face of annually rising temperatures. We approach the presence of nature in human infrastructure very instrumentally: it provides an increased quality of life. But the surrounding natural space is becoming the natural space we surround ourselves with. Who disappears into whom? 


'Finity Mirror' is a naive attempt to make the tree partially invisible and merge with its environment. The mirror that encloses part of the trunk catches the light and makes the surroundings cloudy. The mirror shows neither city nor nature, but is primarily a reflection of twisted relationships in an urban landscape.


concept: Kevin Trappeniers

dramaturgy: Elisa Demarré

image editing: Pieter Dedoncker

production: Stray Light vzw

in collaboration with: C-TAKT

supported by: Flemish Government


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