Kevin Trappeniers develops a stilled, visual, physical and often wordless artistic language in detailed, sensate work at the intersection of performing arts and visual arts. In the performances sound plays a major role. Trappeniers moves freely between disciplines, and mixes them together in interdisciplinary visual and performative work, both in theatres and in the public space.


Earlier, Trappeniers worked in performances, among which the performances/installations of the "Saturn" series by Karl Van Welden (United Planets), "Cinérama" and  the series "Monster!" by Abattoir Fermé, the exhibition dance performance "Who Makes Paintings Anyway?" with Lies Borgermans, Sara Tan and Thomas Vantuycom, "The Wind Egg Project" by Haseeb Ahmed, Egle Budvytytes‘ exhibition choreographic piece "Skateboard Prayer, or Head below the Heart".


Stray Light is a non-profit organisation in which Trappeniers creates his own artistic work and collaborates with other artists and professionals from other fields. It was founded in 2014 in Belgium, is based in Brussels, and is active in Brussels, Flanders and abroad.

Stray Light vzw endorses “Juist is Juist” ("What’s right is right").

Kevin Trappeniers (C maryam kamal hedaya