Present is series of site-specific interventions in cities, documented online.

Using nothingness or absence as a possibility for presence, Trappeniers creates an interplay between natural and constructed space, interior and exterior space, and shifting mental states, exploring the social implications of architectural work that forms society.

The in-situ interventions challenge the existing identities of a place, mutating them. The project focuses on connection with our outside worlds in shared spaces. A minimal approach relates urban spatiality to an abundance of human presence in societies. By bringing in displaced elements, the project opens up spaces while remaining within its borders, questioning the borders of the locations and its attached identities.


concept & direction: Kevin Trappeniers

sound design & music: Stijn Demeulenaere

performers: Jonas Vandekerckhove

dramaturgy: Elisa Demarré

production management: Hanne Ghekiere

production: Stray Light vzw

coproduction: C-TAKT


30/01/2021: online & Brussels (BE) 

27/02/2021: online & Brussels (BE) 

27/03/2021: online & Brussels (BE) 


24/04/2021: online & Brussels (BE) 


29/05/2021: online & Brussels (BE) 

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