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One Room One Light – the universe, processed.

metal, wood, fluorescent tubes

Geometric core shapes like circle, square and triangle form minimal spaces on its own, composed to relate to each other and the constructed space that holds them, reducing the physical and spiritual noise of material, shape and space.

Referring to and a play on the older motif of circle, triangle and square as basic forms of existence  in zen Buddhism, the minimal work reflects on the extend to which raw materials are processed and presented. Form is identical to formless or empty. The infinite, the circle at the basis of all things, thus becomes less of important to man who made the first of formes, the traingle, doubling it to a square, and making endless variations to create form and meaning that was allready there to begin with.

exhibition: Ephemeral Focus

group show with Evelien Cammaert, Lola Daels, Joris Perdieus, Nick Steur, Kevin Trappeniers, Karl Van Welden

production: Tiny things vzw 

hosted by: Vonk Ateliers

thanks to: C-TAKT

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