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Field of View is a poetic and symbolic visual trip in which society is scaled down to three guinea pigs humans that are looking for connection through fusion and collision. The performance is rooted in having opposing views, polarization, inclusion and the possibility of accepting or reconciling different perspectives. Where does the imperfection of our connections show? Where are they caring, where do they undermine themselves? Can we strengthen social cohesion rather than attack it? And is that desirable, or is that imperfection our strength?

The performance uses voice-over, field recording, projection mapping and light to slowly challenge our human perception. And to construct oddly different yet familiar ways of being together.

- available in Dutch, French, English



concept, direction: Kevin Trappeniers

performers: Leen Van Dommelen, Joelle Francis, Femke Van der Steen

text: Freek Mariën

sound design: Stijn Demeulenaere

video: Gertjan Biasino

dramaturgy: Elisa Demarré

technical design: Gertjan Biasino, Hans van Wambeke

costume: Annelies Bruneel

choreographic advice: Inez Carijo

production management: Hans van Wambeke

production: Stray Light vzw

co-production: C-TAKT

with the support of: KVS, deAuteurs, Literature Flanders, Flemish Government

with thanks to: Arts Centre BUDA, CC De Grote Post, Het Huis Utrecht, De Kunstenwerkplaats, Spoon Makes, CC Strombeek, Workspacebrussels


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