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In Ellipsis you plunge in the fast-paced, invisible world of abundant signals around us while looking for a world briefly suspended in a restful state. The performance makes you contemplate on the role our human presence plays in a world dominated by technology.


The performance turns elusive and transient sound, light and electromagnetic waves into visible performer. Serving wordless visual theatre, he slowly zooms in and out on our ambiguous attitude towards technology. The audience walks around freely, and creates unknowingly a choreography led by a shifting focus on stage. Technology as an intermediary between people, as an algorithm that shapes and transforms our communication.


In what way does mankind remains present and responsible in a digital landscape? Do we trust too much or not enough on electronic information flows and data streams? Can we still hear each other? Does this digital womb creates a new civilisation and way of dealing with and relating to each other?


For this performance, Trappeniers works together with the Slovenian musician and composer Gasper Piano, who focuses on frequencies, feedback and electronica.


Ellipsis and AntennA are both part of a complementary diptych, consisting of respectively a theater performance in the black box and an installation in the public space. Both works describe the relationship between humans and technology, and the mutual (mis)communication that ensues from this relationship, although they put a different emphasis. How do we as humans deal with fast-paced technological evolutions? And how do technological possibilities influence communication between people?  The works can be shown separately or together.



Dramaturge Elisa Demarré schreef een dramaturgische tekst bij dit werk.

Lees of download hier: Mens en Technologie in een Landschap van Leegtes




concept & direction: Kevin Trappeniers

sound design & music: Gasper Piano

musicians: SPECTRA (Bram Bossier: viola, Ben Faes: double bass, Hanna Kölbel: cello)

light design: Laurence Halloy

technical design: Gertjan Biasino, Jeroen Vandesande

video & animatronics: Gertjan Biasino

dramaturgy: Elisa Demarré

production management: Hanne Ghekiere

technical support: Gaspar Schelck

distribution: Vincent Company

production: Stray Light vzw

coproduction: C-TAKT, Vooruit & LOD music theatre

in collaboration with: Arts Workspace Pianofabriek

thanks to: Bijloke Summer Academy – Music Theatre (SPECTRA, LOD music theatre, KASK & Conservatory Gent, Music Centre De Bijloke & International Opera Academy), KAAP, Workspace Brussels, Charlotte Bouckaert, Stijn Demeulenaere, Lodewijk Heylen, Karl Van Welden

supported by: Flemish Government, Flemish Community Commission (VGC)


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