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AntennA is a stilled, minimal installation addressing miscommunication. The work raises awareness about the electronic signals around us. Around a metal radio mast, spectators and potential discussion partners can watch, reflect and temporarily be together.


In many areas of our lives we are now in a twilight zone between analogue and digital. In our hyper-connected society, talking with screens in-between has become omnipresent. But who are really we talking with? With the other, with our mobile or computer, or with ourselves? And do we still - in all peace and quiet - take the time to do so? Our encounters risk to be undermined by technology. 

AntennA addresses the invisible architecture around us, and our own responsibility: we constantly add signals, but how do we deal with that? Do we still dare to allow silence and emptiness once in a while? And do we still have the right to be disconnected? The installation aims at bringing people together and instigating communication: spectators and passers-by can watch, talk, reflect or be silent. 

AntennA and Ellipsis are both part of a complementary diptych consisting of respectively an installation in the public space and a theater performance in the black box. Both describe the relationship between humans and technology, and the mutual (mis)communication that ensues from this relationship, although they put a different emphasis. How do technological possibilities influence communication between people? And how do we as humans deal with fast-paced technological evolutions? The works can be shown separately or together.


wood, metal, aluminium


Dramaturge Elisa Demarré schreef een dramaturgische tekst bij dit werk.

Lees of download hier: Mens en Technologie in een Landschap van Leegtes


concept, design: Kevin Trappeniers

design, development: Maarten Devrieze, Kevin Trappeniers

technical assistance: Aaron Victor Peeters

dramaturgy: Elisa Demarré

production mangement: Hanne Ghekiere

distribution: Vincent Company

production: Stray Light vzw

co-production: C-TAKT, Vooruit & LOD music theatre

in collaboration with: Arts Workspace Pianofabriek

thanks to: KAAP, WorkSpace Brussels, Charlotte Bouckaert, Stijn Demeulenaere, Lodewijk Heylen, Karl Van Welden

supported by: Flemish Government, Flemish Community Commission (VGC)


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