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The Young Academy - new members

The Young Academy (De Jonge Academie, Belgium) chose 12 new members for the periode 2020-2025, among which Kevin Trappeniers.

The Young Academy is an interdisciplinary and interuniversity meeting place for young top scientific researchers and artists with their own views on science, society, art and policy.

The new members are:

Nicolas Baeyens, Sophie de Buyl, Tine Destrooper, Caroline Masquillier, Arne Smeets, Kevin Trappeniers, Laura Vandenbosch, Roosmarijn Vandenbroucke, Joris Vandendriessche, Sammy Verbruggen, Bert Vercnocke en Sarah Verhulst.

The new members’ inauguration has been delayed due to COVID-19 measures.

It will take place later this year in the Academy Palace in Brussels, Belgium.


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