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Present is a series of site-specific interventions in cities, buildings, public space, nature. The interventions often explore the notion of negative space: what becomes visible through the process of removing instead of adding? How do nothingness and absence offer the possibility of presence? 


Present aims to offer renewed layers of identity to familiar spaces. It’s a soft call to remain conscious of the spaces we inhabit as a community and as an individual as well as a careful gift to make us see known realities in a different light. Each action is an artistic visual commentary activating our imagination.


Present is documented on a website, and is left to be discovered through wandering. It offers a momentum to stand still and resist the urge of constant mobility. A moment of stillness in the noise of contemporary life. 


Through its actions, Present wants to feed the connections and echoes between the needs of the community, the needs of the individual within society, and the spaces we constructed to have those needs met.

- All works in the Present series can also be visited online:


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