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© Miha Sagadin / PTL


Selfed explores methods to adapt the body to mental and physical barriers and how to overcome those obstacles or gain control over them. The performance incorporates both the philosophy and techniques of Parkour within contemporary dance.


Performance and dance investigate the notion of the energy of self and self-sacrifice. The ‘self’ meant as an aid and a tool for introspection and reflexion, for demolition and construct of the body and the mind. Accordingly, the performance reflects on the positioning of mankind towards individual and social power structures.






concept, direction, choreography, scenography: Kevin Trappeniers

dance & performance: Dagmar Dachauer

music & sound design: Kreng

light design: Laurence Halloy, Kevin Trappeniers

in collaboration with: Luka Avguštin, Enej Progar, Jan Ulčar, Sebastjan Zupanc (SloMotion, Slovenian Parkour Family), Muzej in Galerije Mesta Ljubljana (MGML)

dramaturgy & mentorship: Andreja Kopač

coaching & distribution advice: Vincent Company

producer: Živa Brecelj

production: Plesni Teater Ljubljana (SI) - Choreographic Debut PTL 2014

co-production: TAKT Dommelhof

thanks to: Vincent Van den Bossche, Blaze Urban Academy (BE), Šolski Center Ljubljana (SI)






“The dance solo SELFED, in a concept, choreography and visual concept by Kevin Trappeniers and a mature dance execution by Dagmar Dachauer, shone as a long-awaited gem of this season (...) SELFED exceeds the personal dissection of one's own opportunities of chance and of the impossible, as proposed in the usual philosophy of parkour. (...) Beautifully revealed, consecutive moments follow the dancer stopping, being lit and anchored in the center of the lighting design, captured by spatial darkness. It mat be read as an art exhibition of black and white photographs. But you most of all experience SELFED as personal outpourings, a reaching out of the hand towards new visions, spreading beyond any visible physical dimensions.” (Parada Please)


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