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online & Faro (PT)

'Exclave' is a, abstract scale-model of the natural reserve of the Ria Formosa that is located just off the coast of Faro and it’s neighbouring cities. The tiny, artificially constructed landscape on the top of the roof contains echos and human traces of the city down below. 


The installation explores the idea of nature being colonized by human presence, and at the same time reverses the process by adding a smaller version of the neighboring natural reserve in a dense human settlement. It raises awareness about human impact on Faro and the marine ecosystem of the Algarve by by means of creating a sustainable small green wetland on a rooftop in the heat island of the city of Faro.


concept: Kevin Trappeniers

dramaturgy: Elisa Demarré

production: ECRN - European Creative Rooftop Network

co-funded by: the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union

thanks to: C-TAKT, Estudio Onze


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