In darkness and stripped from time and space, a landscape unfolds in which vulnerable bodies slowly manipulate time, each other and their environment.

Asymptote researches the mutual influence between a landscape and its inhabitants, and the virtual and real identity that stems from occupied space. Growth, bloom and collapse fade into each other on a human scale.

How does man manipulates time? How do people manipulate each other? What is essential to man with respect to himself, to others, in his dealings with his surroundings and towards the dynamic objects he creates or discovers? What is the limit of our human relationships?

An asymptote refers in mathematics to a line to which a curve approaches ever closer, without ever touching. The paradox of the infinite never quite falling together, and the poetry caused by slow-moving, are key in Asymptote. In a society that is ever more rapidly progressing, two human figures arise who in chiaroscuro appropriate a landscape and come home. Or not quite. 



concept, direction: Kevin Trappeniers
performers: Manon Avermaete Kevin Trappeniers
music & sound design: Kreng
light design: Laurence Halloy, Kevin Trappeniers
artistic support: L’L
technical coordination: Jo Leys
coaching & distribution: Vincent Company
production: Stray Light vzw
coproduction: TAKT Dommelhof
in collaboration with: L'L, Arts Centre BUDA, Arts Centre Campo, Arts Centre De Werf, fABULEUS, Théâtre de Bouxwiller (FR)
supported by: Flemish Government (BE)

special thanks for collaborating on the research
performers: Charlotte Goesaert, Laurens Mariën, Olga Esteban, Ines Lopez Carrasco, Stefaan Claeys, Jo Decoster I music: Pieter Dedoncker, Elien De Schryver, Bram Ollieuz, Merijn De Schryver I mentoring: Abke Haring I coaching: Vincent Van den Bossche I technical: Miloud Mons



“His own distinctive visual style is unmistakingly there. Kevin Trappeniers has a phenomenal control over his medium and knows how to create a unique atmosphere with little means. In that, he shows himself to be an exceptional stylist.” (Cutting Edge)













Dommelhof, Neerpelt

L’L, Brussels

L’L, Brussels

L’L, Brussels

Schouwburg Kortrijk

Monty, Antwerp

Monty, Antwerp

CC Hasselt

KAAP, Bruges


TAKT Festival

Brussels Dance! Festival

Brussels Dance! Festival

Brussels Dance! Festival

double bill with Amen Ra

Fricties Festival

X-Tract Resident Festival